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hey star trek fandom y’all talk about how much you love strong women but I don’t see any of you tripping over yourselves for Amanda Grayson

I mean this woman literally programmed the Universal Translator:

In some, notably Jean Lorrah’s series of stories and novels that includes Night of the Twin Moons, Grayson was one of the scientists who worked on the development of universal translator technology.

you know, that thing that lets thousands of planets interact with each other and has probably saved the Federation hundreds of wars and bloody conflicts

she’s literally a genius

and she gave birth to the first Vulcan-Human hybrid ever

so like

how about you include Amanda in your ‘strong trek ladies’ posts because I’m sick of seeing her put aside because she’s just Spock’s mom and obviously that means she isn’t worth paying attention to


When trekkies, both old and new, agree on something… be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Funny way to scare people


  1. Go out in public in heavily tented sunglasses, a suit, and tie.
  2. Take your laptop to a place with free wi-fi
  3. Go to and press F11 for full screen
  4. Begin typing furiously- Don’t stop hitting keys.
  5. Press caps lock 3 times for access denied and alt for access granted
  6. Slam laptop shut and look around suspiciously
  7. Leave

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Trying to eat whilst a particularly gruesome body is shown on Bones covered in vomit and such. I will succeed.

Sup, Georgia, what you doing on my phone?

so today one of my best friends at college, probs the best atm, lost her lead in flashdance and isn’t coming back any more due to her health and ouch I am going to miss the hell out of her, she made that place tolerable and y’know actually seemed to be my friend and not be sick of me (we’ve got london in may though so yaaaay) gonna miss her like bloody crazy and I just think today could have been handled so much better by certain people, I don’t appreciate my friend crying in my arms


This map of the central London tube labels stations with common stereotypes.