Autumn Rain on a Foggy Day in May

Actress. Writer. I take photos and do art sometimes. That's about it.

Cartography of the Moon’s visible side .



months later and im still not over spock’s reaction the exact moment carol introduces herself as the new science officer


I’m great at flirting with people on the internet, put me in a room with them and I’ll start being really quiet and just stare at them.




so this is an thing that happened ?? this is my family picture (im the one of the far right btw)

it got posted on both 9gag and also reddit by an unknown weirdo who probably got it from my sister’s fb

but don’t worry though we actually have no problem with this at all ! reading the comments has been the funniest thing ever so keep it up

Never forget

I love this so much.

Dwight hitting on Kelly, or well Erin, okay omg



Some 80s comic fashion for daforge week, specifically Geordi assuring Data that a pink vest and scarf with no shirt is totally appropriate for a workplace non-denominational holiday party

Then again, Geordi went for a skin-tight orange and green jumpsuit so what can you expect

Are you kidding me, Michael? You’re blaming Dwight? If anything comes because of this I swear to god.