Autumn Rain on a Foggy Day in May

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Merlin tumblr style (2/?) // inspired by (x&x)

omg it’s me on an annoyed arthur screencap

My handwriting isn’t that bad right? My family are complaining again.

There was a wamfer episode about feeding trolls? Are you kidding me?! Like the troll was this awful whiner who grew stronger by offending people and to defeat it they all just ignored him.


A sentence I never thought I would read

(Source: ironyofchokingonjacksdick)


This story keeps on getting better and better


Some of the best celeb reactions to the Justin Bloom conflict. #TeamBloom




I’ve seen some background noise pages around tumblr like rainymood, but I don’t think I’ve really seen this page recommended on tumblr.

The plus of this page is without a doubt the huge list of sound machines that you can open in several tabs and mix as you like, ranging from natural sounds like rain and waves to industrial noises to relaxing tunes like in utero. It’s suitable as background noise for work as well as for relaxing and sleep.

Also recommended:

Someone find one with buzzing bee sounds and i will be happy forever okay

I’m sitting listening to kitties purr.

  • Cecil: yo Carlos maybe u should come home that sounds good
  • Carlos: hold the hEck up son there's SCIENCE